My New Idol Is An Awsome Greyson Chance

New idol, yeah that’s good title for the post today. Actually I really want to  post this article one day before today but there are jobs that I have to do (Are you really?). Talking about a new idol, which I love and full of madness right now is a Greyson Chance. Uwaaaaaaa, he was like magic, hypnotized me, and always hysterical to see him, both on facebook, twitter, and internet especially as he appeared in TheHits on Trans TV 25 Nov 2011 , woooooow crazy, crazy.
Talking about Greyson, suddenly reminded me nostalgically of year2000 ago when I was still sitting on a junior class at which time I’m crazy like this to Westlife. I was with my friend to four compact and agreed to make a girlband called “Girls Life” which was later renamed “The Power of Five Girls”. I’m as Mark, and others Anis (Bryan), Mepa (Shane), Enno (Kian) and Vivin (Nicky).
The euphoria the madness of yesterday to Westlife was so much fun. Things to do to fans of classical fans are hunting a new album, a magazine that it was full of their faces, and are willing to skip school in order to watch them appear on TV if not wrong in the event Clear Top Ten. Not only that, we always sang together in class when an empty classroom teachers and didn’t care other friends heared, ahahahah it’s so funny. Once there was a funny incident at the school, the five of us deliberately perched TU school front office because there is Clear Top Ten events that will surely appeard Westlife, and you know they actually appear, sounds like “kuntilanak” (the kind of ghost in Indonesia)  squealer hysterical screaming and we were got angry teachers who look at us like crazy ahahhahaahaha. In addition to school, we would often hang out in the school building when the occupants have left the evening to sing, sing together again ahahhahaha.
Aaah if retrospect, now in 2011, we were not already long time collector, the status does not stop just broke out that was too long ahahhaha. Weeeeisss nostalgia quite easy, now talking about Greyson Chance wrote.
Greyson oh so sweet, cute and really cuteeee. This is it, the profile of Greyson Chance from
Name: Greyson Michael Chance
Born: August 16, 1997 Wichita Falls, Texas, U.S.
Origin: Edmond, Oklahoma, United States
Genre: Pop rock
Instruments: Piano, vocals
Years active: 2010-present
Award: Award-winning Hollywood Teen TV Awards in the category Teen Pick: YouTube Artist in 2010
This is my new idol ya now, if I say hell is better than Justin Bieber heheheh (just kidding, they’re different musical genres). I’m beginning to know him and know he is from one private TV station in Indonesia, Metro TV when the show call it ShowBuzz. First still somewhat PING! see it. Cute and sweet very well, but not too much to drive me crazy. Later that Greyson Chance is doing promo tour to Asia that one of them to Indonesia, I learned from seeing and sitting in front of the TV while watching TheHits, woooooooww I was speechless. Do not know since then, I started searching, browsing, downloading songs and enjoy it now turns out my dreams fall to him, a beautiful OOOOOOH (ahahah what the trial), and he is My New Idol “Greyson Chance”. The songs on the album Hold On Till The Night consists of:
1. ‘Waiting Outside the Lines’
Trak is a good choice and the top to get to know Chance in the early days. The game is awsome piano is backed by his voice that really indaaaaah.
2. ‘Unfriend You’
The single is beat and full of energy when we hear it.
3. ‘Home Is in Your Eyes’
“My heart beats a little bit slower / These nights are a little bit colder / Now that you’re gone,”. His song slow and good to listen it.
4. ‘Hold On Til the Night’
The song was chosen to be the title of his album. Enjoy to hear it 🙂
5. ‘Heart Like Stone’
This track invites us to dance like that.
6. ‘Little London Girl’
This single is like Country, but cooooool.
7. ‘Cheyenne’
“Please do not break my heart, Cheyenne,” hahahha piece of lyrics that I remember, don’t doubt to try to listen it.
8. ‘Summertrain’
” And the windows are crying, but this train is flying us all through the rain I feel / And the sky’s getting Brighter with every mile and it all seems a clear. “
9. ‘Stranded’
As London’s Little Girl, ‘Stranded’ entry within a simple but fun for impregnated. “I hope it’s somewhere far, where only We Are stranded on your heart,” he adds.
10. ‘Take a Look at Me Now’
Well here ya, one of the tracks that I liked in addition to the above, music is cool and always makes me always to repeat, repeat and repeat.
In addition to already download all the songs on the album Hold On Till The Night (thank you 4shared, StafaBand, etc), I started searching, browsing in facebook and twitter to look for him. Thank God I found it (Greyson Chance on FB and @ greysonchance on Twitter).Wow, just hysterical when I used to idolize Westlife (hey, Westlife is still idolize bro!).
Almost forgot, the song that made him famous till today and inspired him is ”Paparazzi’ (made famous by Lady Gaga), a very successful re-sung by Greyson Chance, and I Love It.
Want to taste the tweet and responded by Greyson Chance on FB and Twitter, but yes, the fans already too much, made him confused absolutely to answer or say hello one by one ahahhahah. But no problem, an important part of what the latest from him through two of these social networking sites.
Finally I’ve posted this article, thank God. Few share the stories and experiences with you, friends, may I know who is your new idol now?
You know, I really love you, love you so much.  Please come to Indonesia anymore 🙂