Forever Westlife

Edisi repost dari blog sebelumnya pada 25 Juni 2012 “yang sudah disunting”. Selamat membaca bahasa inggris (edisi banyak gaya).

24/06/12 is the day to remember that Westlife’s over, can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it, it’s too fast, Oh God *cry*.

I surprised for the first time when I saw hastag #ThankYouWestlife became TTWW in Twitter yesterday and everybody talked about them, talked about no more Westlife and Westlife’s over. When I saw, it feels like I’ve died, I can’t breathe, speechless exactly. I just, I just oh baby when a heart is crying it sometimes feels like dying and tear drops fall like rain.

I’m posting this one while listening to Try Again, try not to cry, just try again. Btw, today I just wanna review my idol Westlife. For me, Westlife is everything. I knew, I loved, I followed them since I was in Junior high (11th years old). I started to love them since I saw a video “I have a dream” wow what a boyband. I grew up with listening their songs, found awsome teen in Junior high ’til I found some friends whom love Westlife too, they called Enno, Anis, Mepa and Vivin. Then we agreed to make girlband that we called for the first time “girls life” by Mepa then changed to be “The Power Of Five Girls” 🙂 .

Don’t think our girlband is like anything else, we just made it for fun, not to be singer seriously 🙂 . I loved Mark, Annis loved Bryan, Enno loved Kian, Mepa loved Shane and Vivin loved Nicky. Eventhough we’re not actually girlband but we often sang together (not only at school but also at one of our houses), watched Westlife’s video together and did something crazy 🙂 . Once upon a time, there was Westlife on our lokal tv Indonesia (RCTI) that called “Clear Top Ten” and it’s running on afternoon, the time when we still at school to study. When we saw them on tv in headmaster room, we just screamed and jumped together, then we were scolded by teachers for that 🙂 .

In the other time, we tried to run away from school just for watching Westlife in Clear Top Ten once more and gathered in Annis’ house. That was really crazy, run away for Westlife and lied to our parents to go to school 🙂 . I remembered when we sang together, watched Westlife’s video together, bought some their vcds and posters together and discussed together, it made me smile and laugh alone 🙂 . It’s really unforgetable moment we had, can’t compare them with anything in this world 🙂 .

And now, when I heard they’re over yesterday, it made me sad and cry suddenly, it’s too fast, I just can’t believe it. No matter what happen you’re always in my heart, my love for you will be forevermore, forevermore, forevermore. #ThankYouWestlife thank you for making my life to be fun ’til now, I grew up with listening your songs and learned english for the first time, it’s because of you, because of your songs.

No matter no more westlife I keep loving you forever and keep listening your songs because Westlife isn’t dead because forever Westlife. I’ll be waiting for your reunion and someday I will find what i’m searching for. Good luck boys, I wish you all the best….

Hug and love for Westlife (1998-2012)

Kiki (one of your huge fans)


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